Time Flies When You’re ……

Sort of having fun! Can’t believe we’ve been in our new house for nearly a month. Things have been pretty busy and there’s definitely plenty to do on the house to keep us occupied for a long while yet!I am loving it though.
The garden is great and I think will be very inspiring, can’t wait to be able to plant stuff and grow our own veg properly.

We seem to have quite a few bird visitors to the garden too. Daily visits from dunnocks, a robin ( very fitting as I’m currently stuffing lots of fabric ones to send out to shops and sell on this site), sparrows and two male blackbirds; competing for territory I think. I’ve also seen starlings, collared doves, blue-tits, chaffinches and a fieldfare. That’s before I’ve even started to put any food out for them!

Have been getting down to work now to try and get on top of orders for all my lovely stockists. Lot’s of sewing ahead of me this week, whilst also fitting in knocking old plaster off the walls and carting barrow fulls of gravel to the top of the garden for a new path. If nothing else we’re keeping busy!

As hinted at above Christmas really does seem to be around the corner now and I plan to have my Christmas range for sale on the website soon.


Stanley the Stag’s been getting around a bit this last month as well, he was spotted in both Country living and BBC Homes and Antiques courtesy of Sally at Pheasant mail order. I’m planning a new version of the Stanley cushion for my website soon too, so keep a look out!